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Data Sharing Agreement Signatory Grants

Designed to provide direct support to Signatories to subsidize their implementation efforts, CDII has
allocated up to $47 million for DSA Signatory Grants to fund activities for individual Signatories to meet
their DSA requirements.

CDII has created two DSA Signatory Grant Domains: a Technical Assistance (TA) Grant, a flexible, “build-
your-own-solution” pathway, and a Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO) Onboarding
Grant, an “assisted” pathway in which Signatories receive support to identify a technology solution that
could fulfill their DSA requirements (i.e. a QHIO) and support securing and managing funding for that

CDII has contracted with CAHIE to provide grant writing support for applicants in the QHIO Onboarding
Grant Domain.

Applicants interested in applying to QHIO Onboarding Grants must request a one-on-one consultation
with CAHIE to begin the Grant Application process; they can do so by emailing Grantsupport@cahie.org.

CAHIE staff will work with the Applicant to complete all components of the Application and will submit
the Application on the DxF Grant Portal on behalf of the Applicant. Until such time as CDII announces
the QHIOs, Applicants may leave the name of the QHIO selection field blank.