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Approach to Defining Service Specifications

The California Interoperability Committee (CIC) permits the parties to a transaction to define the transaction between themselves using any approved service specification. The CIC has defined a process to streamline addition of new service specifications.

Defining New Service Specifications

Current CTEN Participants or new applicants may propose a new CTEN service specification based on existing standards published by standards development organizations such as HL7 or IHE (for profiles), or, if justified, a specification developed based on the needs of the exchanging parties. Participants and applicants propose new service specifications by specifying them in the CTEN Testing Plan filed as part of Validation Plan and Test Materials.

Policies and procedures in OPP-4 Change Process for Performance and Service Specifications call for a review by the CIC and a comment process for CTEN Participants, some of which may not be represented on the CIC. New service specifications will be added to the above list as approved, and the parties may then proceed with testing.