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California Data Use and Reciprocal Support Agreement

The CalDURSA is a multi-party data sharing agreement that establishes common policies, procedures, and operational practices necessary for trusted statewide health information sharing in California. It is the basis for the California Trusted Exchange Network (CTEN).

By design, the CalDURSA is compatible with the DURSA maintained by The Sequoia Project, allowing organizations to easily participate in both the CTEN and eHealth Exchange. It is also designed to work well with the Model Modular Participants Agreement (MMPA), a model agreement between HIOs and their exchange participants used by several California HIOs. If you are interested in adopting or developing a participant agreement that is compatible with the CalDURSA, consider starting with the MMPA.

State agencies in California are using the CalDURSA and the CTEN as the preferred trust framework and health information exchange network.