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The California Association of Health Information Exchanges (CAHIE) was formed in 2013 as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. It was initially founded under the direction of the California Health and Human Services Agency, California Office of Health Information Integrity, with seed funding from the State Cooperative Agreement Grant under ARRA.

To meet the diverse needs of California’s healthcare environment, policy makers determined that statewide health information exchange (HIE) would be developed through private non-profit initiatives, rather than establishment of a single state-run organization. As a result, during the past decade several enterprise and community-based health information organizations were formed. In order to advance HIE efforts, CalOHII convened trusted HIE leaders to discuss what it would take to establish trust and facilitate the exchange of information among all unaffiliated health information organizations in California.

CAHIE is demonstrating an effective means to establishing trust through common policies and business practices, identifying standards to be used in interoperability, and innovating to provide the services needed for achieving connected healthcare in California. Through our Members, CAHIE is sharing experience to accelerate adoption and sustainability; exploring best practices and new technologies that make data sharing more efficient and effective; and creating a simple framework for sharing information among organizations through voluntary self-governance.

Since its inception, CAHIE has solidified its role as the voice of HIOs in California. We have successfully developed the California DURSA, a multi-party data sharing agreement allowing all parties who have signed it to interoperate using recognized standards, and launched the California Trusted Exchange Network (CTEN). We were the first organization to develop a federated provider directory based on the IHE profile for Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD). And we are a trusted advisor to government agencies working to expand information exchange and create a more connected healthcare delivery system to improve the health and wellbeing of all Californians.

Our members are signatories to the Data Sharing Agreement, and we participate in the Data Exchange Framework Implementation Advisory Committee and the Policy and Procedure subcommittee.

Our objectives are to:

  • Promote a regulatory environment in California that enables providers, consumers, and other stakeholders to exchange and appropriately access health information.


  • Create a collaborative environment that fosters and supports cooperation among our Members and other stakeholders to solve difficult problems and share lessons learned in health information exchange.


  • Foster the advancement and growth of electronic information exchange through creating and supporting information exchange initiatives.


  • Enable and support high-value information exchange among unaffiliated communities.


  • Provide services in support of statewide health information exchange activities and initiatives.

Working together to advance safe and secure information sharing throughout California

Become a Member

Membership in CAHIE is open to all public and private California organizations, whether nonprofit or for profit, wishing to help promote the purposes of CAHIE and become part of establishing cost-effective, statewide health information exchange in California.